Monday, September 5, 2011


I know how selfish it may sound, however I just wish that the world could stop while I'm bleeding. I know how blind it is – peddling. Although it’s what I wish when I close my eyes and try to hear my own heartbeat but whenever I try it, I only hear the mess inside my head and that’s how I keep getting lost, again and again. Blurred. Mismatched.

I can’t truth my silence because it isn’t soundless, it’s voiced in ludic voices, lost, jumbled and mutilated. Solid, firm and flowing, abstracts.


  1. Exatamente como me sinto hoje, muito bem colocado, claro. Tu é demais .-.

  2. AEAE QUE FODAAA <3 se tivesse bagulho do tumblr eu até postava XD